26 November 2010

Let's get started

What makes people deal with chess problems? What is the trigger? My guess: in most cases, it's pure chance. Maybe, there is a friend who is a problemist (you're so lucky!). Or someone at the chess club comes up with a chess puzzle. You might see a diagram of a problem in a newspaper which makes you curious. You're fed up with the game of chess (only temporarily, of course) and want to try something new. — Those are just a few situations that come to my mind.

In my case, it was a little bit different and probably not the usual way. I was about 10 years old, when chess aroused my interest. I taught myself the rules and some more beyond the basics. Unfortunately, there were only a few to give me a game and none of them was a good player. Therefore, and as I was soaking everything up that was related to chess, I turned my attention to problem chess, as well. I studied the chess column of the local newspaper and bought chess magazines, slowly getting familiar with it. That's how it all started for me. I wonder how many problemists made a similar experience, starting to explore the world of chess problems on their own at the of age 10. And, of course, it's always interesting for me to learn how others became acquainted with chess problems.

30 years later, the magical attraction of chess (problems) is still there. I played OTB chess in a club for over 20 years, am a correspondence chess player since 1993, have fun with online chess, enjoy all kinds of chess problems. While I never gave up solving, there was a longer break without composing activities until 2010. But now I'm back with new energy.

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