23 December 2010

Benko Brain Challenges

If you like puzzles which ask "How do you reach this position in x moves?" then you should have a look at those that have been and are to be posted on Susan Polgar's blog these days, all composed by GM Pal Benko. Here you can find the first two: #1 #2.

Puzzle No. 3 (see below) was published yesterday, but with a wrong diagram — obviously, for there is no solution. This leads to my Bernoulli Benko Brain Challenge: 1) Remove or relocate a piece so that there is a unique proof game in 4,5 moves as originally intended. 2) How many of such modifications can you find?

Pal Benko
Internet, December 2010
  SPG in 4,5 moves(15+16)  

Update December 24, 2010:
Today, there was finally sort of a correction of this puzzle. The following text was added.
"The first part of the question is how do you reach this position in 4.5 moves ? The second part of the question is there is one more pawn missing. Can you guess which pawn it is?"
Hey, that sounds very familiar, doesn't it?!

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