20 December 2010

It's that time again

Every year, around Christmas, the German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung holds a special solving contest. Last Saturday, the puzzles of this year's competition were published in Harald Keilhack's chess column. You can find a reprint here. In case you want to try your skills, here is an unofficial translation of the first two:

  AGünther Weeth  
Werner Keym  
Stuttgarter Zeitung 2010, Original
  Change the colour of one piece,
  then checkmate in one move.

  BGünther Weeth  
Stuttgarter Zeitung 2010, Original
  Add one piece, so that the
  position becomes illegal (regular
  pieces, no pawns on the first or
  eighth rank).

Attention! You have to check how many solutions there are in each case.

You can send your solutions and comments to the given address (in the place cited). Of course, I also will participate.

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