29 December 2010


Back in the 1980s, the chess column of the German newspaper Heilbronner Stimme featured a special chess problem at the end of each year. Often it was a tricky moremover and an exceptionally tough nut - at least in my point of view. I vaguely remember that there were some puzzles with the staircase theme like the following. Maybe it was among them, maybe not. Here are many more problems with that theme.

  William A. Shinkman  
  Dubuque Chess Journal 1877
  1st Prize

Solution: 1. Qb4+ Ka2 2. Qc4+ Ka3 3. Qc5+ Ka2 4. Qd5+ Ka3 5. Qd6+ Ka2 6. Qe6+ Ka3 7. Qe7+ Ka2 8. Qf7+ Ka3 9. Qf8+ Txf8 10. gxf8=Q+ Ka2 11. Qf7+ Ka3 12. Qe7+ Ka2 13. Qe6+ Ka3 14. Qd6+ Ka2 15. Qd5+ Ka3 16. Qc5+ Ka2 17. Qc4+ Ka3 18. Qb4+ Ka2 19. Qb3+ axb3 20. Rxa8#

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