07 January 2011

Chess and maths again

In December, I came across a forum post which mentions an interesting video with a chess/maths puzzle:

A lot of people have tried to come up with a solution. But I think they made several mistakes, as there are more deviations for both Black and White than they have considered. Towards the end of the video, at 7:21, there is a statement (last updated on November 11, 2010) that nobody has solved the puzzle so far. Wrong since December 27, 2010! I did figure out the solution, believe it or not.

In order to determine the correct answer, it's quite helpful to be a problemist (to "see" the different possibilities) and a math enthusiast (to develop a strategy to master the complexity) and also a programmer (machines do the calculation precise and way faster, so why bother with that).

Update January 20, 2011:
In the meantime, the video has been changed. Towards the end, the correct number is given. It looks like the author read this post, as he refers to those things I mentioned in the last paragraph.
The problem in the video was composed by John Nunn. You can read more about it here.

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