31 January 2011

Detective Chess

Once again, I introduce a chess variant just requiring the knowledge of the basic rules of chess. Here is an example of how the puzzles look like:

Place the given pieces on the marked squares.
Each number tells how often this square is threatened by a piece.

It's your task to deduce the correct position from the given hints. As you might have guessed already, there is no restriction as to the board size or the amount and types of pieces to be placed. Some web sites deal with this type of puzzle. And there is also software that generates them (though quite old):
The solution to the puzzle above is: Na11, Kk9, Rc6, Ne6, Be2, Ri1.

1 comment:

HeinzK said...

Starting with the square that is threatened twice, from the given set of pieces it can only be attacked by a bishop (diagonally) and a king (the square right above the 2). Then two rooks and two knights remain, and you must avoid attacking those 0 squares. So I say easy.