03 February 2011

More detective chess

Here are two more detective chess puzzles. Again, it's your task to place the given pieces on the board. Each number tells how often the respective square is threatened by a piece.

In puzzle 1, some fairy pieces are involved: grasshopper, nightrider and amazon (see the symbols in the second row below the diagram, from left to right). The amazon (AM) combines the powers of the queen and the knight. Puzzle 2 is a variation where you don't have marks but information for each square.



1 Sa3, Rb7, Gd3, AMf1, Qf8, Bg2, Ng5. To distinguish knight from nightrider, S is used for the knight.
2 Qa2, Ka7, Rf4, Ng1, Bh7.


HeinzK said...

Not as easy as the previous. It's always nice to see how the solution fits once you have found it. The second problem could be easily solved by eliminating what piece could be put on each square, using the 0s as guide. I found the solution for the first problem after realizing that the Queen and Amazon had to have some reason not be interchanged (the solution would not be unique otherwise). This observation led to squares d3 and f1 where the knight powers of the Amazon influence matters. After that, and a little bit more trial and error, the solution stood on the board. Once again, not an easy task.

HeinzK said...

Btw in the solution given here you have mixed up f1 & f8, LOL

bernoulli said...

So, you think it should be AMf8 and Qf1? If so, then please tell me which piece cnotrols d2. LOL?

Anyway, it's nice to get comments at all, I appreciate that. True, I often make mistakes. But is that the reason why you actually read my blog?

HeinzK said...

Another crippled nightrider ;-) Lots of love