05 March 2011

Chameleon echoes

With respect to chess problems, the term echo is used to describe various types of repeated effects. Primarily it refers to a specific visual idea, namely the recurrence of a mating configuration. When the same mating position occurs several times (mirrored, rotated or shifted), we call that echo mates. A special type is the chameleon echo which means the black king is mated on different coloured squares. I chose three different miniatures with that feature. Enjoy!

Bo Lindgren
Tidskrift för Schack, 1944

Stanislaw A. Kirilitschenko
Le Minotaure 06/1971
  h#3      2.1...(3+3)  

Frank Müller
Sachmatija 04-06/2004

1. Kf2! Kh2 2. Bg3+ Kh3 3. Kf3 f4 4. Bg4#
1. - f4 2. Bf3+ Kh2 3. Bg2 f3 4. Bg3#
This is an exact chameleon echo. The mating positions match each other completely (taking into account every piece on the board).

I) 1. Kb5 Nc3+ 2. Ka6 Nb5 3. b6 Nc7#
II) 1. a4 Nb4 2. Ka5 Ka7 3. b5 Nc6#

1. Kd1! d6 2. Qa1 d5 3. Bc4+ dxc4 4. Qa2+ Kc3 5. Qb2+ Kd3 6. Qe5 c3 7. Qe1 c2#
1. - d5 2. Ba3 Ka2 3. Kc1 Kb3 4. Qa1 d4 5. Qb1+ Kc3 6. Be2 d3 7. Bd1 d2#

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