14 March 2011

Light fare?

Time for some funny chess problems. I hope those two twomovers animate you to make an attempt at solving them. Just two moves. Come on, let's go!

  1Knud Hannemann  
Skakbladet 01/1922
a) Diagram
b) Rotate position 90 degrees
c) Rotate position 180 degrees
d) Rotate position 270 degrees

  2Tim KrabbĂ©  
Chess Curiosities, 1985
a) Diagram
b) after key move

1 a) 1. d8=Q+! Ke6 2. Qe7#
b) 1. b8=R! Kf4 2. Rf8#
c) 1. d8=B! Kd4 2. Bf6#
d) 1. f8=N! Kd5 2. Bb7#
What an interesting way to show an Allumwandlung. I guess it's already pretty hard to compose a chess problem with four different solutions by rotating the board, not to mention to include a theme like the Allumwandlung. Just great!
2 a) 1. Ke1 Kg2 2. Be4#
b) 1. 0-0! Ke2 2. Bg4#
I really hope you tried to solve it, maybe even without setting up the pieces on a real chess board. I am curious: How long did it take you to find the solution for b)? Or did you give up in total despair? It is quite a psychological barrier to see or even consider the castling. You just "moved" the white king from f1 to e1, so castling seems to be forbidden. But ... the position of b) has no history, there is no link to a).


HeinzK said...

It might be amusing to mention that I managed to solve 2b before even looking at 2a.

bernoulli said...

This approach does not make sense to me. How can you solve 2b without knowing the key to 2a? There's something wrotten ...