08 March 2011

Mate me!

A selfmate is a chess problem in which White forces Black to deliver checkmate within a specified number of moves against his will. I think you'll like the following two examples.

  1Jan A. Rusek  
Thémes-64, 1969
3rd Prize

  2Mark Kirtley  
The Problemist, 1986
1st Prize

Diagram 1 shows a Pickaninny combined with an Allumwandlung:
1. cxd6! e6 2. d8=R e5 3. Te8 e4 4. Txe4
1. - e5 2. d8=Q e4 3. Qa8 exf3 4. Qxf3
1. - exd6 2. d8=B d5 3. Lb6 d4 4. Lxd4
1. - exf6 2. d8=N f5 3. Ne6 f4 4. Nxf4

and the pawn is stopped just in time forcing Black to play Qxf3#.

The second problem features a severe case of homesickness: 1. Nb1+ Kb3 2. Qd1+ Rc2 3. Bc1 axb6 4. Ra1 b5 5. Rh1 bxc4 6. Ke1 c3 7. Ng1 f3 8. Bf1 f2#. All white pieces return home!

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