17 March 2011

More fun with twomovers

Once again, I present two twomovers.

  1Sam Loyd  
New York Mail and Express, 1889

  2W. Pauly  
Pittsburgh Gazette Times, 1912
  #2 (add black king)(7+3)  
4 solutions

1 1. Qe2! Kd~ / Kf~ 2. Nf4 / Nd4# Typical Loyd!
2 I) +bKb1: 1. c8=Q! Ka2 2. Qc2#
II) +bKe7: 1. c8=R! Ke6 2. Re8#
III) +bKa7: 1. c8=B! Ka8 2. Ra3#
IV) +bKe8: 1. c8=N! Kf8 2. Rd8#
Another funny way to employ the Allumwandlung.


HeinzK said...

What about bKa8 - 1. c8Q+ Ka7 2. Ra3#

bernoulli said...

Dr. Karl Fabel gives the solutions in his book Kurioses Schach. It's quite unlikely that both him and the composer had missed something obvious like what you mentioned. Unfortunately, we can't ask them.

What seems to be a reasonable explanation: The implicit condition of the stipulation is to find squares for the black king that there is a correct mate in 2. Otherwise, there'd also be
a8: 1. c8=Q! & 1. c8=B!
f8: 1. Bd6+! & 1. Rd7!
g8,h8: 1. Rd8# (shortmate)

HeinzK said...

OK, that makes sense