01 April 2011

Keep Pushin'

There are times when, apparently, things are so easy, everything runs smoothly. But there are also many situations when everything seems to be stuck, nothing works, no possibility to get ahead. Then, it's good to have some support, a little bit luck might help, too. Still, it's up to you to exert yourself, to keep pushing. This applies to life as well as to solving chess problems.

And here we arrive — surprise, surprise — at today's theme. I composed a chess puzzle and all I can say: Keep pushin'! I won't give the solution immediately, so take your time and (try to) enjoy. Maybe, you want to motivate yourself by listening to a song by the American rock band Reo Speedwagon. For this occasion, I'd recommend a song called ... exactly (wow, it's already 35 years old).

Gerson Berlinger

1 comment:

HeinzK said...

Nice song, but I have no idea what I am supposed to be pushin'.