25 May 2012

I am sorry

Once again, I didn't manage to write more than this ... it's too hot and I am too busy, excuse me.

Enzo Minerva
The Problemist Supplement 09/2009
  How many solutions?

Okay, did you see that the position is illegal? Good. You have to remove a black pawn to make it legal. But you have to be careful. Taking away bPd5 in order to play 1. d5# or removing bPf5 with the intention 1. f5# are no options — the position is still illegal! But you can dispose of any of the remaining pawns:
I) -bPd7: 1. Qc8#
II) -bPd6, 1. Nc5#
III) -bPe7, 1. Qe8#
IV) -bPe5, 1. Re1#
V) -bPf7, 1. Qg8#
VI) -bPf6, 2. Ng5#

So there are six solutions.

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