08 June 2012

Black or White (1)

Do you know or remember the twinning according to Forsberg? I wrote about it here. How about variegating this theme? We would not change the piece type but change the piece colour.

When I started collecting appropriate chess problems for this subject I had no idea that there are so many nice compositions, though I already restricted my search to helpmates in two moves! Therefore, I have decided to split up my findings into different sections. The first part is about queens. Here we go ...

  1Thomas R. Dawson  
British Chess Federation 07/1942
a) Diagram
b) bQh8

  2Milan R. Vukcevich  
Bilten 05/1962
Partizan TT, 2nd Place
a) Diagram
b) bQd1

  3Laszlo Lindner  
feenschach 08-09/1978
a) Diagram
b) wQa8

  4Nikolai I. Nagnibida  
Suomen Tehtäväniekat 1994
a) Diagram
b) bQb8

1a) 1. Nc3 Qxc3 2. Re4 Qc6#
b) 1. Qc8 dxc8=N 2. Re3 Nb6#
2a) 1. exd1=N Nd4 2. Ne3 Ne6#
b) 1. Qd8 exd8=N 2. Bd2 Ne6#
3a) 1. Qg2 a8=Q 2. Qh2 Qa1#
b) 1. Rxg3 Qg2 2. Rg7 Qxg7#
4a) 1. Kc6 Qb4 2. Kd5 Ne7#
b) 1. Kc8 Ke7 2. Nc7 Nd6#

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