22 June 2012

Black or White (3)

Bishops changing colours are next — surprise, surprise. No. 1 with the "same" moves in both phases is my favourite in this installment. Of course, all those ideal mates shown in the other three chess problems are also very beautiful.

  1Leonid Makaronez  
Schach-Echo 04/1972
a) Diagram
b) bBd1

  2Nikolai O. Dolginowitsch  
Ideal-Mate Review 03-04/1995
a) Diagram
b) bBd8

  3Viktor S. Kolpakow  
Ideal-Mate Review 10-12/2000
a) Diagram
b) bBc3

  4Viktor S. Kolpakow  
Ideal-Mate Review 10-12/2000
a) Diagram
b) bBa5

1a) 1. e4 Nd4 2. Na3 Bb3#
b) 1. Nd4+ e4 2. Bb3 Na3#
2a) 1. Kf7 Be7 2. Qe8 Bd5#
b) 1. Qa3 Kg6 2. Qf8 Bc6#
3a) 1. Nb2 Kd7 2. Nc4 Bxd4#
b) 1. Kc4 Kd6 2. Nb4 Na5#
4a) 1. Rb4 Nf3 2. b5 Bxb4#
b) 1. Bc3 Bxb7 2. Bd4 Ne4#

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