29 June 2012

Black or White (4)

Time for the knights. We'll start with three miniatures and a nice co-production.

  1Attila Benedek  
Magyar Sakkélet 10/1971
2nd Prize Tipografia Blitz Tourney
a) Diagram
b) wNb7

  2Sergej W. Radtschenko  
Ideal-Mate Review 04-06/1998
a) Diagram
b) bNe8

  3Eligiusz Zimmer  
Problemkiste 12/2011
a) Diagram
b) wNc5

  4Christer Jonsson  
Rolf Wiehagen
Problem-Forum 09/2001
a) Diagram
b) bNh4

The last two compositions show more than one colour change. This is even more fascinating and it's only the beginning.

  5Eligiusz Zimmer  
Schachmatnaja Komposizija 2007
a) Diagram
b) wNc8
c) wNe5

  6György Bakcsi  
Laszlo Zoltan
Mat Plus 1997
4th Commendation
a) Diagram
b) wNg7
c) further wNg5

1a) 1. Nd6 a3 2. Nb5 Nb6#
b) 1. Kb5 a4+ 2. Ka6 Nc5#
2a) 1. - b8=N 2. Kxe8 Re6#
b) 1. - Rd6 2. Rc8 bxc8=N#
3a) 1. Na5 Rc4 2. Nb7 Rc8#
b) 1. Nb8 Na6 2. Rb7 Nc7#
The white knight seems to be well placed on c5, especially after one has seen the solution to a). But Black has no waiting move (1. Na5 Rd..h5 2. ? Rd..h8#).
4a) 1. Rf3 Rd5+ 2. Rf5 Nf3#
b) 1. Rf4 Rc5+ 2. Rf5 f4#
5a) 1. Nc6 d6 2. Na7 Bc7#
b) 1. Ra7 Bc7+ 2. Ka8 Nb6#
c) 1. Be6 Bb6 2. Bf7 Nxd7#
6a) 1. Nf3 gxf3 2. Nh5 Rg4#
b) 1. Nf3 Nf5+ 2. Kh5 g4#
c) 1. Rh2 Nh3 2. Kg3 Nf5#

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