06 July 2012

Black or White (5)

Finally, no surprise, there are the pawns that change colours. As I've found so many examples, I selected the miniatures that have no captures and end with ideal mates.

  1Nikolai O. Dolginowitsch  
Ideal-Mate Review 01-03/1996
a) Diagram
b) bPa4

  2Tode Ilievski  
Ideal-Mate Review 10-12/1997
a) Diagram
b) bPd4

  3Tode Ilievski  
Ideal-Mate Review 07-09/1998
a) Diagram
b) bPc3

  4Anatoli W. Stjopotschkin  
Schachmatnaja Poesija 2007
a) Diagram
b) wPg5

I already indicated in the previous post that there is much more you can do with this colour change effect — you'll see in the following weeks.

1a) 1. Kc5 Bh4 2. b6 Be7#
b) 1. Ka5 Kc3 2. b5 Bc7#
2a) 1. Ne3 Ng6 2. Nd5 Ne5#
b) 1. Na1 Rd2 2. Nb3 Rc2#
3a) 1. Nd4 Bd1 2. Nb3 Be2#
b) 1. Nf4 Re1 2. Nd3 Re4#
Observe the move patterns: N-B-N-B and N-R-N-R. Maybe just a coincidence, still nice.
4a) 1. Bf6 Rh4 2. Re5 Nd4#
b) 1. Re6 Rg4 2. Be5 Ne3#

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