27 July 2012

This and that

What a heat! I will just write a few lines, show you two chess problems and take a cold shower (again).

In an earlier post I've mentioned my intention to compose a moremover demonstrating a king march from one corner of the board to another. In the meantime I've found the following chess problem. It can be so easy, right?

  1Helmut Klug  
Manfred Zucker  
Freie Presse, 1971
Weihnachts- und Neujahrsgruß

It's no big deal figuring out the solution: 1. Kb8! Bf4+ 2. Kc8 Bc1 3. Kd8 Bg5+ 4. Ke8 Bc1 5. Kf8 Bh6+ 6. Kg8 Bc1 7. Kh8 R~ / B~ 8. Nxb5 / Bb2#. Hats off to the composers who mastered this theme with only 13 chessmen!

The second composition is one of those I've already written about here and here. But something is different here. That's why I don't reveal the solution at once and challenge you to find out where the crux lies. It's not that difficult, I promise.

  2Andrej N. Frolkin  
Internet, 2011
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Anonymous said...

I greatly appreciate all the info I've read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

bernoulli said...

Thank you!