14 September 2012

Some finds

Today, I want to draw your attention to three websites.

The first is about retros, for the time being it only deals with Mushikui Reconstruction. This type of game reconstruction stipulation was proposed on the Retro Mailing List (RML) in May 2011. A definition can be found here. In short, solvers are given a game score, written in a slightly modified PGN format with all the characters being concealed by "*" symbols. The task is to recover the entire game score. Here is an example taken from the website:

problem: 1.** ** 2.**** **** 3.** ***** 4.** ***** 5.*** **** 6.**** ***** 7.***
solution: 1.d4 c5 2.dxc5 Qa5+ 3.b4 Qxb4+ 4.c3 Qxc3+ 5.Nd2 Qxc5 6.Ndf3 Qxf2+ 7.Kd2

Then, there is the website Julia's Fairies by the Latvian Julia Vysotska. Among other things, you'll find original fairy problems, articles by composers or information about problem related software. Her explanations are very comprehensive and clear. Good job!

Finally, Thomas Brand has launched a new website dedicated to retrograde analysis. It just started last Saturday but already has some nice content and more is to be expected. Right now, it's only in German, English text will follow.

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